Make a Killer Presentation

Make a Killer Presentation


About this course

Presentation Skills/Pitching plays a very important role in the success of business, social projects, as well as attracting investments for the development of startups.

Participating in the program will help to improve your speech, to make it more attractive to make an impression the other person.

Who can participate?

  • People interested in foundstanding,
  • NGO representatives,
  • Beginner Enterpreneurs,
  • Private Entrepreneurs,
  • startups,
  • students,

The course description

Pitching or Presentation Skills 

  • How to present the idea correctly to a donor, investor or any other audience?
  • How to speak to be heard or how to make the idea audible?
  • How to build the right relationship with the audience?
  • How to combine solid facts with the right visuals create an engaging presentation
  • Pitching canvas development

The main results

As a result of the training, participants will gain the skills to work properly with donors, to write a competitive application, and to present the idea correctly.


Duration: 4 hour

Days: February 9 and 10



Yekmalyan 1/1

Your Investment

Presale: till January 15- 14.500 AMD

After January 15-20.000 AMD


Irina Pahlevanyan, Fundraising specialist and trainer, TEDx speaker

Irina is the director of the 4090 Charitable Foundation and also works with a number of international and local organizations as a fundraising consultant and is a member of the board of several organizations. 

Irina also has experience in organizing educational programs, is the co-founder of "Indigam" development center, and in 2020. The winner of the global competition of the Rybakov Foundation was recognized in the "Leader of the Educational Community" nomination.