10 Project Management Best Practices

10 Project Management Best Practices


About this course

Do you know that according to statistics, only 2.5% of IT projects are successfully finalized, on time and to budget (how it has been planned from the beginning of the project)?

Yes, yes...only 2.5%.

And, if this isn't enough bad, let's see some other statistics:

  • The over performance of average costs in every project is 27%
  • The 57% of projects are failed because of wrong communication
  • The 39% of projects are failed because of wrong planning, resources and wrong scope.

Actually, this statistics is alarming. However, the 97% of IT companies connect the success of their business with project management.

There doesn't exist any method or option for securing the success of the project, but there are some important factors that aren't written in textbooks and aren't included in exam questionnaire. Including these factors in management processes, you can reach the desirable results.

Quick Start's 2 day master class, you will be presented 10 remarkable advices (out of box) for reaching the success in project management.

The training is for those, who

  • want to improve his/her project management skills
  • want to reach the best results in project management

Training requirements

  • knowledge of English (minimal level)
  • knowledge of project management fundamentals

2 meetings, each of meeting is 2.5 hours

August 24 and 26



Your Investment

9000 AMD


Lilia Asatryan 
Exadel Europe, IT project manager

Lilia has a 6+ years' experience in IT Project management. Besides the project management field, she also worked in financial and banking systems.

Her 13 years' working experience includes:

  • Sportion AM, IT Project Manager
  • Energize Global Services, IT Project Manager
  • RDKL, IT Project Manager
  • SoftConstruct, IT Project manager