Find the Better Power of your Potential

Find the Better Power of your Potential


About this course

In the workplace, people often have difficulties and lack of motivation that leads a lot of people to be insecure. It is very important in such cases to be able to discover new creative skills in ourselves, and motivation that will help us to move forward.

In this one day master class you will learn the ways that will help you to find new motivation and to succeed in your work. The master class will reveal your creative skills and potential.

Who can participate?

  • HR managers
  • Recruitment and talent acquisition managers
  • Project/product managers
  • Leaders/ directors
  • Communication managers
  • All those who want to become more self-sufficient and to be able to overcome difficulties easily

The main topics

  • Find your flow to reach your higher potential
  • Learned happiness, or the way to become more fulfilled

2 hour

July 14


Address: “Holiday Inn Express” hotel, Buzand 97/2

Your Investment

4000 AMD


Anna Konjoryan 

Head of Talent Experience, HR Manager, Synergy International Systems

Anna is an experienced HR specialist with 10+ years of experience in the field. She currently works at Synergy International Systems as an HR Specialist and Head of Talent Experience. Anna is also an experienced trainer. She has conducted many courses and master classes on HR management and soft skills. She loves her profession very much, and enjoys creating a new culture and a healthy working environment in the company.