A Successful Business on Instagram

A Successful Business on Instagram


About this course

Currently, the most essential social media platform is Instagram.It is used as a strong marketing tool. Now, many people can create a business page on Instagram and have an own online shop, where they sell different types of products. 

Quick Start's three days master class, will give you the amount of tools and skills, with the help of which, you can easily manage your business page on Instagram and sell your products.

The training is for those, who

  • want to create and manage their online shop on Instagram. 
  • want to promote their online shop on Instagram.  

Description of the training

Day 1
Realize your idea of product you want to sell online and learn how to do:
1. open a business page on Instagram;
2. reach target audience;
3. engage new customers;
4. elevate your business with Instagram ads and other marketing tools;
5. build a strong relationship with customers and collaborate with suppliers and competitors

Day 2
Learn how to:
1. choose the right supplier for your business;
2. order and import products from different countries (United Kingdom, USA, China, Dubai, etc.);
3. share trusted websites and outlets (TaoBao, H&M, Zara, Macys);
4. register and place the first order

Day 3
Homework review
Learn how to:
1. manage the page on Instagram;
2. design posts and stories with embedded Instagram tools and other design apps;
3. manage the orders and Tips
4. revise the full lifecycle of the sale & purchase process with the participants.

3 meetings, duration of each meeting is 2 hours

September 26, 28, 30


Address: Ibis hotel

Your Investment

39.000 AMD


Maria Baraz 
Sales Executive, Synergy International Systems

Maria is an efficient and effective Sales Executive with strong experience in customer relationships and IT sales. She is also a founder of a successful online business page- “Babyfashionviki” online shop on Instagram. Now Maria is a eJustice sales executive in Synergy International Systems.