Introduction to PCM®(Process Communication Model), the way to effective communication

Introduction to PCM®(Process Communication Model), the way to effective communication


About this course

How would your life look like if you could guess what others think and what they want? What motivates them? Why people get into stress and conflicts? How to analyze and understand your needs, but also understand the behavior of other people in order to communicate effectively with your interlocutor?

A lot of businesses now just use PCM model, for keeping better relationship with partners and other employees.

PCM model helps a large number of people to enhance their impact and communication skills,, regardless of the type and description of the work they are dealing with. This model is a leading psychometric tool for the development of teams and individuals, which explains how and why people communicate.

Who can participate in this training?

  • HR managers
  • Recruitment and talent acquisition managers
  • Staff managers
  • People operations managers
  • Project/product managers
  • Leaders/ directors
  • Communication managers
  • all those, who want to develop better relationships with family, friends, partners, employees through acceptance and understanding of diversity.

Description of the training

  • Basics and history of PCM model
  • perceptions and examples from real life
  • personality structure and how it works
  • environment preferences
  • case study and videos for better understanding
  • short intro to miscommunication and stress

2 hours

July 7



Mary Mamikonian 
“ArmFunds Platform”, founder and head of sales

Mary has 10+ years experience in management.

Her working experience includes:

  • Certified trainer of PCM from 2019 and also PCM trainers CIS trainers’ member
  • Co-Founder of Paradigma Educational Foundation
  • Investment Commitee Member at FREDA (Fund of rural economic development of Armenia)
  • Board Member at Armenian Mothers NGO
  • Chief Executive Officer at “Landmark Capital”