Emotionally Intelligent Communication

Emotionally Intelligent Communication


About this course

In this modern life, in order to have a success, it is an essential precondition the productive combination of communicative skills and emotional intelligence. It gives a chance to make a speech more influential both in the workplace and private life. The management of emotions, mutual understanding, the ability of active listening and understanding of your own and the others behavior can make stronger relationships, which are the basis of productive cooperation and for creating together cooperative value.

The main purpose of the training is to transmit participants such skills that are essential in practice and private life for improving the communication and achieving success.

This training is for.

  • current or future managers
  • leaders and directors
  • all those, who are willing to improve their leadership skills.

Training content

  1. Basic provisions of communication and the importance of emotional intelligence
  2. perception of information and its filters
  3. how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us
  4. The methods of persuasion and manipulation
  5. Active listening skill
  6. Conflict management types
  7. Որոշումների կայացում, հիմնական մոդելներ
  8. Reliance formula

The main Results

In the end of the training, participants will master in different types of communication, discover the communication advantages by using emotional intelligence. Participants will also learn the tricks of persuasion and the types of conflicts management. This training will help to improve the interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, which will be a guarantee of successful performance in the workplace, self-improvement.

2 ժամ

մայիսի 11, 19:00-21:00

Your Investment
4500 AMD

Larina Bichakhchyan (PHD, CMI)

Larina is internationally certified trainer, who has 20+ years experience as a trainer and leader in educational, banking, international programs and other fields.
Her portfolio includes such companies as are Inecobank, Ameriabank, Procredit bank, Monitis, Synergy, WWF etc.